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Belfast Quarters

The central area of Belfast has been roughly divided into four Quarters:

The Titanic Quarter
The Cathedral Quarter
The Queen's Quarter
The Gaeltacht Quarter

The Quarters do not evenly divide the city into four, nor is every area in the centre of Belfast part of a Quarter. Instead, each Quarter reflects something about its history and locale, with the "Quarter" label being something that has come about since 2001.

The Queen's Quarter

Filled with character and charm the area is named after the world renowned Queen’s University of Belfast which takes centre stage.

Perhaps one of the most interesting areas of Belfast to explore, Queen’s Quarter is richly endowed with architecture, bursting with artistic creativity and is overflowing with shopping opportunities and bistros, it also offers a vibrant nightlife and attractions to suit all.

The world of academia, entertainment, culture and commerce has fused to create a uniquely dynamic and lively neighbourhood. Queen’s Quarter has a lively calendar of cultural events throughout the year. Foremost perhaps is the world-renowned Belfast Festival at Queen’s - held here each autumn with the widest imaginable range of theatre, dance, music, literature, comedy and visual arts - it is the largest festival of its kind in Ireland. But for entertainment on a smaller scale, Queen’s Quarter also has some of the city’s funkiest bars, comedy venues, and pubs with live music and traditional Irish music sessions.

Best discovered on foot (with the help of the map on the other side) each of the four self guided walks in this guide will reveal unique and distinctive aspects of its character. So lace up your boots, button your coat and immerse yourself in the history, heritage and culture of Queen’s Quarter.

The Queen's Quarter Guide - Download

Cathedral Quarter

Cathedral Quarter takes its name from St. Anne’s Cathedral, the ecclesiastical heart of the city.

Cathedral Quarter is packed full of fascinating architecture, ranging from distinguished banks and public buildings, to cosy pubs and trendy warehouse restaurants. Some of these, such as the Custom House, occupy prominent public locations. But other equally intriguing buildings are tucked away down the narrow cobbled streets and alleyways that give the area its intimate charm.

In recent years, Cathedral Quarter has taken on a pivotal role as the focus for Belfast’s burgeoning arts and crafts scene. The Quarter is home to many visual and performing artists, as well as community groups. With the University of Ulster (specialising in Arts) close by there are plenty of artistic students adding to the atmosphere of the Quarter.

If shopping’s your thing Cathedral Quarter is adjacent to the main shopping spot – Belfast City Centre.

Cathedral Quarter Guide - Download

Titanic Quarter

When RMS Titanic sailed away on her maiden voyage on April 10th, 1912, she was hailed as ‘the new wonder of the world’. A remarkable feat of engineering, she was the largest and most luxuriously appointed ship ever seen and, despite her tragic sinking five days later, she remains a source of enduring pride in the City where she was built – Belfast.

This guide will take you back to the source of the legend, the history of shipbuilding in Belfast, and in particular, the story of the firm which built Titanic, Harland and Wolff. You can learn about Titanic itself, from the visionaries who conceived her, to the men who designed and built her, to her ill-fated maiden voyage. Finally, we will take you around the many locations in Belfast associated with the world’s most famous ship from the magnificent Belfast City Hall to the impressive cranes – Samson and Goliath.

So come back in time with us and relive the enthralling Titanic story in the City of her birth.

Titanic Quarter Guide - Download

The Gaeltacht Quarter

Belfast dates back to an ancient fort which once controlled the ford across the river Lagan. In fact the name of the city is derived from the Gaelic Béal Feirste roughly translated as “the mouth of the sandbank” Nowhere is this historical legacy more potent and vibrant than along the Falls Road where the Irish language has flourished, igniting a range of 21st century cultural experiences. This area is the Gaeltacht Quarter.

The Gaeltacht Quarter - Download

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