Event Results 2017/2018

Results for all Ranking Tour Event results and from other sanctioned events can be found by clicking on the appropiate link in the table below.

National Ranking Tour 2017/2018
Northern Ireland Open
National Ranking Tour Results Archive


National Ranking Tour 2017/2018

Ranking Event 1 - Dundonald International Ice Bowl
Ranking Event 2 - Lisburn Bowl
Ranking Event 3 - Brunswick Moviebowl
Ranking Event 4 - Lisburn Bowl
Ranking Event 5 - Dundonald International Ice Bowl
Ranking Event 6 - Brunswick Moviebowl
Ranking Event 7 - Lisburn Bowl
Ranking Event 8 - Brunswick Moviebowl
Ranking Event 9 - Dundonald International Ice Bowl
FIC Standings
FIC Squad Standings
U19 Junior Standings
U24 YAC Standings
Senior Standings
54th QubicaAMF World Cup Qualifier - Qualifying - Finals

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Northern Ireland Open

2006 - Brunswick Superbowl - Results
2007 - Brunswick Superbowl - Results

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National Ranking Tour Archive

2004/2005 Season - Results
2005/2006 Season - Results

2006/2007 Season - Results
2007/2008 Season - Results
2008/2009 Season - Results
2009/2010 Season - Results
2010/2011 Season - Results

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